whiskey stones reveiw blog what are theyWhiskey stones are small soapstone solid cubes that are used for chilling liquor without diluting it. They are tasteless, odorless and non-porous particles, which is why there is no effect of whiskey stones on the taste of liquid. Often, people consider them to be the substitute for ice, but in reality they are not. They cannot make beverages such as soft drinks, tea and water icy cold. With the soapstone content present in whiskey stones, temperature is retained longer than ice which keeps the liquid more sustained and chilled. The basic purpose of these stones is to bring a slight chill in liquid without watering it down.

Whiskey Stones Make A Great Gift!

Whiskey stones make a great gift for anyone who likes to relax with a nice stiff drink occasionally. Three whiskey stones per glass are required to chill it without compromising on the taste. It is a better option than ice because of those non-porous properties. Ice tends to melt which waters down the whiskey and can ruin the taste of it. In addition to that, ice absorbs the odors present in an ice maker and freezer. These odors trickle down to the liquid in which ice is used. And like I said, ice dilutes drinks, thereby decreasing the real flavors of liquid. On the contrary, they serve a similar function without affecting the taste of drink.

Whiskey stones need to be placed in the freezer for four hours after which they can be used. Every new invention brings a couple of doubts along with it, and the same is the case with whiskey stones. People are reluctant to use these soap stones due to the lack of information related to its manufacturing process. It is important to highlight that whiskey stones are FDA approved, which make them safe for consumption. Also, there is no need to worry about any reaction with liquids such as alcohol, mild acids, water and detergents.

Whiskey stones can be used again and again because of their awesome ability to absorb cold. It’s important to take note that they will not provide any result with larger beverages. Whiskey stones were designed to chill small amounts of drinks i.e. one to two ounces of liquid. Therefore, the same results cannot be expected with larger volume drinks. They’ll still cool it off, but not the way you’re expecting it would from ice.

Many people think that whisky stones, as the name suggests, are like other typical stones which may break the glass. But, this is to ensure them that whiskey stones are made up of soap stones that are soft in nature as compared to normal stones. So, they won’t cause any damage to glass. They are available in grey only, so people should check the color before purchase to avoid any deception.

Whiskey Stones Explained By Heidi