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Keeping drinks chilled can be such a hassle sometimes. Trying to keep your liquors chilled with ice can be a problem since it drowns the flavor of your drinks as it melts. Having the drink warm does not taste well at all. Sipping Stones Whiskey Chilling Rocks is what a drinker and liquor connoisseur need to solve this problem.

Sipping Stones Whiskey Chilling Stones is a great innovation for those who want to enjoy an undiluted perfectly chilled drink. These chilling rocks are cut to around three-quarters of an inch cubes that fits perfectly in any tumbler. Made from natural soapstone, Sipping Stones Whiskey Chilling Rocks are guaranteed to hold the temperature of your drink you a long period of time. Soapstone is mostly made of talc making it safe to use with alcohol because there is no chemical reaction. Soapstone has been considered safe to use by the FDA. Also, these rocks do not have any odor or taste that you tamper with the flavors of the drinks.

These whiskey chilling stones are also very convenient and easy to use. When using for the first time, the stones need to be rinsed. Keep the stones in the freezer until it gets into the desired temperature. It usually takes four hours or so to get the perfect temperature for use. When ready, let them stand for five minutes. After that drop two to three cubes in your glass, may it be whiskey, scotch or bourbon.  In just two to three stones, Sipping Stones chills the drink to a right temperature – not too cold that it masks the flavor and not warm that that drink less than desirable. The chilling stones can also keep the drink cool for quite a long time. The best thing is that it won’t drown your drink with water because it does not melt!

The chilling rocks can be used over and over. Once you’re done with the drink, rinse the rocks and put it back in the freezer. It simple, convenient and it really works.

Sipping Stones Make an Ideal Gift

For friends and family, especially the liquor aficionados. Sipping Stones Whiskey Chilling Stones comes in a set of nine smooth and light chilling stones. The set comes in a sturdy compact package that slides open with the help of a yellow pull tab. These chilling stones are presented perfectly inside. Added inside is a black velour bag for easy storage.

Sipping Stones, Whiskey Chilling Rocks

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